First Gameplay footage released from Amazon's MMORPG, New World

11 Oct 2018 Thursday
First Gameplay footage released from Amazon's MMORPG, New World
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

We need a new MMORPG these days...

MMORPG genre is slowly dying in recent years. Only few MMORPG's like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 still can hold on their feet. But soon, one of the world biggest companies, Amazon will enter the MMORPG market with its new game "New World". 

Amazon's New World gameplay video

New World is still under closed alpha status for now, and probably will be in development for years to come. Till today, we haven't seen anything ingame from New World, but Amazon finally released a minute long gameplay footage from New World. As we can see in this footage, graphics seems ok thanks to Amazon's Lumberyard engine (it's CryEngine basically), but animations and other elements still have a very long way to go. 

What kind of game will be New World?

New World is a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game that allows players to carve out their own destiny with other players in a living, cursed land. Players decide how to play, what to do, and whom to work with--or against--in an evolving world that transforms with seasons, weather, and time of day. Players can band together to reclaim monster-haunted wilds and build thriving civilizations, or strike out alone, surviving in the face of supernatural terrors and murderous player bandits. With emergent gameplay and rich social features, including deep Twitch integration with broadcaster-led events, achievements, and rewards, the only limit in the New World is a player’s ambition.