Flores is the New Operator of Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has officially released the new operator of Rainbow Six: Siege. Flores will breed brand new strategies for the game when it releases.

The attacker Flores will join the game soon.

The trailer shows us, Flores, operating a drone in a drone in a pretty dark room. “Getting the job done often requires a… creative approach.” says the operator before detonating his RC drone. After that a bunch of enemies die and “That’s where I come in.” says the upcoming operator with the Operation: Crimson Heist. He is a pretty creative operator from what it looks like here.

The name of Flores’ drone is RCE-Ratero. You hit a button and after five seconds of delay, the drone explodes like a C4. If you don’t know, C4 is one of the most powerful gadgets in Rainbow Six: Siege. If you use it properly, you can change the tides of an ongoing match. Also, his primary weapon packs-a-punch too. Our upcoming operator is carrying an L85A2 Assault Rifle as his primary weapon. Which, is quite good when it comes to damage and recoil.Flores is the New Operator of Rainbow Six: Siege

Also, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Year 6 Season 1 reveal comes up this Sunday. We will have some information about the upcoming operators this Sunday except Flores. Some leaks indicate that the upcoming operator for Year 6 Season 2 will be a Turkish defence operator, opening some holes to the reinforced walls to enhance the vision of the defenders. However, there is no confirmation on that. So we will have to wait a little more in order to get more details about it.

You can watch the official reveal trailer of the Rainbow Six: Siege operator Flores just below. This is the most recent operator after Aruni, which came out back in November. We will see how the new operator Flores will affect the game mechanics when it fully releases.

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