Fortnite is Submerged!

One of the most played games Fornite has a new event. As leaks say, in Fortnite’s new event Device, water should play a bigger role than ever in the game. After the event ended, when the players came back to the game, a giant, H2O wall was invading the playground. It substitutes the traditional storm for one that you can swim in, but when you are in the sea you will suffer damage.

Fortnite is very good at creating new events. Another season-end spectacle was the case, which took place at The Agency in the centre of the region. Thunder and lightning swirled out from the surface. Spielers hurled into the air and power beams shot from the poles, moving the surface of the storm out.

Fortnite is Submerged

Then really things got wild. From the map to an office spot, players teleported back and forth to turn to the first person to see. Many files were on the desk with the mark “Top Secret.” As players eventually went back to the island, the massive water barrier engulfed them. Some minutes later, they were back in the battle bus and were able to drop out into a small area with others.

Epic previously noted that the event had limited ability, which it inevitably reached. Some players have mentioned difficulties when attempting to start some games in the Epic Games Store, a consequence of the success of the case. Many that couldn’t get into the game then had to look at live streams and a lot of people did that.

One of the most successful events of Fortnite

At one point it’s been examined on Twitch alone, Fornite had more than 2,3 million watchers. This would shake the record for competitors in any Twitch game. Valorant challenging the then-record holder, the 2019 World Championship League of Legends (1,74 million), on its beta launch day. Also for Youtube, the number was 6,1 million at the same time.

The event put some things in the air, such as the changes in the game and the map — one thing was destroyed by the Agency during the event. We will know more in a few days since Wednesday will start the next season. DO NOT forget to bring your swimsuit!

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