Fortnite swallowed by a black hole

14 Oct 2019 Monday
Fortnite swallowed by a black hole
Play4UK Editor

The 10th season ended with a great event

Fortnite, one of the most played productions in the gaming world, has seen the expected improvements recently, and Fortnite Season 10 has ended with a glorious event. The gamers first encountered an event full of mystery, and then the playground was swallowed by a big black hole. Alright, what now?

Fortnite swallowed by a black hole

This mysterious event, which ended the 10th season of the game, started at the same time for all players. In other words, some of them were in the middle of the game, while others jumped on the map. After the meteors falling into the playground, there was a huge explosion and the world of Fortnite was swallowed by a black hole. From that moment on, both the game and live broadcasts of the game have a black hole in which some letters and numbers appear.

More interesting thing is that when the black hole swallowed up the Fortnite world as well as social media messages. So with this great event, Epic Games erased all messages on Fortnite's Twitter address. It is not yet clear what the numbers symbolize, or with which surprises the 11th season of the game will begin. It is also stated that the 11th season will start as Chapter 2 and will come with a new map and radical changes.

On the other hand, whether you like it or not, you have to admit that this event is well prepared.