Game Accessibility Conference coming to the UK

The new edition of the Game Accessibility Conference, #GAconf, has been announced for October 22nd 2018, at Plexal, London, UK, with early bird tickets now on sale.

Game Accessibility Conference coming to the UK

#GAconf is a one-day conference co-hosted by the IGDA’s game accessibility SIG, dedicated to making games more accessible to gamers with disabilities. The event features talks and networking for all disciplines of the games industry, exploring recent and future advances in-game accessibility. After three editions in the USA and one in France, and many calls from the developer community to bring the format to the UK, the next event will be hosted in London.

Attendees can expect a wide range of topics from all sectors of the industry – indie to AAA, academia to accessibility specialists – and leave with inspiration, new contacts, and practical tips to ensure any game can reach as many people as possible, so no player is unnecessarily excluded from everything that games have to offer.

“It was an amazing day of inspiration and knowledge sharing. Just being in the room filled with empathy and warmth is such an invigorating dev experience!” – Reb Palacios, UI artist, Bethesda

“Being in a room of amazing people who share such passion for this was a wonderful experience” – Kaitlyn Jones, occupational therapist, Warfighter Engaged

“So happy to have first-hand accounts from players about their gaming experiences” – Nikki Crenshaw, UX researcher, Blizzard

“Fantastic day at GAConf celebrating and getting tons of hot game accessibility tips!” – Jenny Lay-Flurrie, chief accessibility officer, Microsoft

“Literally the most informative conference I’ve been to in a very long time!” – David Tisserand, Accessibility Project Manager, Ubisoft

Awareness of the importance of game accessibility has increased hugely in recent years, with ever-growing numbers of developers seeing the benefits. Attendees will take home practical knowledge of how to ensure their vision can reach as wide a range of players as possible, allowing more of those players to benefit from the access to culture, recreation and socialising that gaming brings.

Speakers include Microsoft, Ubisoft, BBC, and renowned advocates and specialists Cherry “Cherryrae” Thompson and SightlessKombat. Many more still to come!

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