Star Wars Battlefront II Smashed EA Servers

As we all know, Epic Games gifted Star Wars Battlefront II to gamers in Epic Store last week. And this give away attracted great attention. It seems like EA servers couldn’t handle this attention because a lot of crash problems occurred. Although EA has made an announcement that the problem has been resolved, the reality doesn’t seem like that. Because lots of players are reporting that server crashes continue.

Starwars Battlefront II Smashed Epic Servers

Star Wars Battlefront II players have been hit with some server issues, with EA confirming error codes 918 and 623 as a new free offer by Epic Games has gone live. After the great free offer of Epic Games, gamers rushed to play the game. And it seems like EA servers couldn’t handle this. EAHelp Twitter account has confirmed that game servers are having hard times with error codes 623 and 918.

Is the Server Problem Solved?

The company also gave the good news that they were excited to have an incredible number of players join them with the free distribution of the game and that they will grow their servers. And one day after the server problem, EA announced that they solved the server problems. They said: “We’re happy to report the issue affecting Star Wars Battlefront II server capacity has been resolved. Welcome to all of our new players and thank you once more for your patience! May the Force be with you.”.

However, despite this announcement, lots of players reported that they are having difficulties logging into Star Wars Battlefront II and many other EA games online. That means that the server problems couldn’t be fixed totally.

If you didn’t grab your free game yet, you can still get it from the Epic Store till 21 January. And we also want to inform you that LucasFilm Games are working on a new Star Wars game. Stay tuned, enjoy.


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