Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: 500 Thousand Demands Remake of Series Eight

17 May 2019 Friday
Game of Thrones: 500 Thousand Demands Remake of Series Eight
Alaz Türker
Alaz Türker Editor

Game of Thrones' final season did not please many fans... and they are taking action.

Game of Thrones, the show that has gained attraction from all over the world is almost at an end. However, most of it's fans are very displeased about how the show was ended, calling out the bad writers about facts they have forgotten and how they could have handled everything better. It had so much backlash that a petition to redo Series Eight was started and it has already gained over five hundred thousand signatures. The fans are disappointed and they demand competent writers, having made the petition from, talking of how they deserve better writers to this show. The main problem is that the show ended before the books by Mr. Martin were completed. The Winds of Winter has not yet been released and so the show had a different ending.  The fans claim that the development was rushed, what characters stood for and themselves were ruined not to mention the author was disrespected. The petition is unlikely to be requited however as each episode's budget is far too high to compensate for such a demand. Nevertheless, fans are trying their best to bring this show back to the glorious ride it had been until now.