Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has sold out worlwide

Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has sold out in every country that was included in the launch. And if you were one of the people that pre-ordered the system, you made it happen. Since the Founder’s Edition is sold out, Stadia’s official website is marketing the Premiere Edition. Although selling out in every launch country is a big success, we can’t go into full detail before Google publishes some data. Because the amount might differ from 10.000 to 50.000.

Google’s Director of Games Jack Buser told GamesRadar that “We’ll be removing the Founders Edition from the Google Store page in EU countries today, but we’re going to replace it with a new bundle that we are calling the Premier Edition.” Premiere Edition includes Chromecast Ultra, Stadia Controller, and three months of Stadia Pro subscription service. Google Stadia will officially launch on November 19. Check out Stadia’s official website if you want to pre-order the Premier Edition.

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