Gotham Knights preview

In our Gotham Knights preview, we take a closer look at the general dynamics and atmosphere of the game, which we had the chance to play for three hours.

Recently, we had the chance to play Gotham Knights in a special presentation from WarnerBros. We played the game for about three hours by connecting to the company’s computer remotely. In the process, we were allowed to play different parts of the game.

The last episode we played was part of the later stages of the game. Thus, we have seen the balance of power between our character at the beginning of the game and our character in the middle. Now, let’s take a look at what awaits us in the game in our Gotham Knights preview.

Gotham Knights preview

Gotham Knights takes place years after Batman’s death. Despite all the efforts and struggles, we always see Gotham as a city where criminals run rampant. At this point, I have to say that I especially love the atmosphere of the city. In the parts where we roam freely, you feel how flat the atmosphere of the city is, which is divided into different regions.

Unlike Arkham games, there is no isolation in the city. So on the way to the mission, you see Gotham residents around. Especially at full speed, this crowd contributes to the atmosphere very well, but when you stop and look left and right in detail, you can see that that impressive structure is slowly starting to fade.

Gotham Knights Preview

We played for 3 hours of Gotham Knights preview edition

We can control the characters Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood in the game. We choose one of these four characters at the beginning of the game, but at the same time, we are allowed to change characters every time we go on a mission. I have to mention that this change has a negative effect on the gameplay as well as on the gameplay.

Although the character combos are similar, the use of different animations manages to put the fights in a different structure. So, I can say that when you switch your fists Red Hood to Robin, beating your opponent with a stick feels different. But the combo structure is similar.

The problem with this different choice in the story is that it disrupts empathy and immersion. For example, let’s say you went to Blackgate with Robin on a previous mission. When you choose Batgirl between missions, you see a static cutscene being used as if you went there with her.

While this is good throughout the system, it also brings with it such problems. Especially in some games while I see that even the dialogues change depending on the character’s weapon.

Gotham Knights Gameplay

Combat Mechanics

You complete the main and side missions in the free roam sections, climb to the top of the buildings with our hook and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Gotham by floating in the air.

There are important differences in the combat mechanics, but the basis is built on the same structure we are used to. In other words, the defense and counter attack system of the opponent’s fight determines how successful you are.

The defense mechanics is more differentiated compared to Arkham games. The character animation is more soggy, but not in a bad way. It feels strange at first, but once you get used to it and unlock new abilities, you play very fluently.

Gotham Knights Preview


Apart from your character’s abilities, there are different skill trees. You can unlock new abilities. Here, apart from classical style such as more effective attack and defense, you can activate abilities such as more agile defense, jumping on the opponent or quick access to distant opponents.

As you open the skill tree, the fights become more fluid and enjoyable. Especially in the later stages of the game, I felt that my character got stronger.

Apart from our classical abilities, special abilities are also included for each character. While Batgirl blasts her opponents with her drone, Nightwing can do more elemental attacks. Or you can activate special abilities to trick the opponent with Robin.

To use these abilities, we need to pay attention to the special hit bar on the right. When you use it, cooldown period starts and you have to wait for a certain time according to the special ability you will use.

The game also includes features such as equipment and costume change. Moreover, you can make your character stronger by attaching different chips to these equipment and costumes.

Gotham Knights Characters

Of course, as well as the action aspect, there are also tasks that we need to handle the opponents secretly. Artificial intelligence problems arise more in tasks that you need to perform with secrecy. You may encounter enemies who do not notice you even if they see you

As a result

As you can see in our Gotham Knights preview, GK gives the impression of a game that follows in the footsteps of Arkham games but cannot take the genre too far. It has some problems, but I can say that it has a structure that will satisfy action game lovers. Let us remind you that Gotham Knights, which also has a co-op mod, will be released on October 21.

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