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Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Mode Needs an Internet Connection

Gran Turismo 7 is on the way but there is some sad news. in order to play the Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode, you will need an internet connection.

Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode comes with the need for an internet connection

You may think that this is not something new as it was also necessary on Gran Turismo Sport. However, GT Sport was a game that was completely focusing on the multiplayer experience. However, this time it is different. Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode also needs a constant internet connection in order to be accessible. This is both for PlayStation 4 and the brand new PlayStation 5.

In short terms, Gran Turismo 7 is returning back to its roots. Eventually, pretty much everything stays the same with the previous games of the series. Back then, you didn’t need to have an internet connection to play solo. But Gran Turismo 7 campaign wants you to have an internet connection as we can confirm on the official PlayStation Blog.Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Mode Needs an Internet Connection

The campaign is not the only place you will need an internet connection actually. In order to access GT Cafe or livery editor, you also need an internet connection. So, we can say that without any internet, you pretty much cannot play the game. And players are wondering why Polyphony Dİgital wants to do something like this. It looks like we will need to wait until the game gets released. Maybe the company will take a step back if too many players get angry at this decision.

Actually, there is not much time left until Gran Turismo 7 gets released. After a long wait, we had the chance to see some gameplay. According to the official PlayStation Blog, we will be able to see the real driving simulator on March 4. If there will be no in the last minutes’ delays of course.

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