Green Hell’s full version is expected to be out in Summer 2019

The producer company Creepy Jar announced the full version of their survival game ”Green Hell” will be out in late 2019, most probably this summer. Enjoying a good amount of favorable upgrades until now, full version will bring ”1.0 Story Mode” to the game and aims to give an unique survival experience to the gamers.

Green Hell full version release date

The exact date of the full version has not been announced yet since the effort of the team to change the engine of the game from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018 is keep going on. But the alpha version of the game had nice reviews and feedbacks from gamers so far. 

Green Hell puts you in the middle of the Amazon forest with no memory of how you got there and how you get out of this situation. It offers a world that everything around you is a tool to survive and danger is lurking in every corner and even under your skin. Players need to be careful about parasites, wounds, infections, dangerous tribes and deadly environment of the Amazon forest. The alpha version of Green Hell is now on Steam for 19.99$ USD.

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