Half Life 2 Video with Unreal Engine 4: Seems Cool

Half-Life is a cult legendary game series among gamers. But Valve decided not to continue that series. At least this is what we know till now. But gamers don’t want this game to be forgotten. So they are working on new graphics mods, new maps and etc. for Half-Life. Lastly, a 3D graphics designer called Ivan Fernandez released a Half Life 2 video with Unreal Engine 4.

Half Life 2 Video with Unreal Engine 4: Seems Cool

Ivan Fernandez wanted to show us how Half-Life 2 would look with renewed graphics. We can see parts of City 17 in this video. When we see the details in the video, we understand that Half-Life 2 has great potential in its graphics. Alongside City 17, we saw the legendary Gravity Gun weapon, too in the video. Fernandez used all the potential of Unreal Engine 4 and created this great video. In the past, some graphic designers and modders tried to remake Half-Life with Unreal Engine 4.

After seeing this video, it is hard not to think “Why there is no remake or a new Half-Life game?”. Because a new Half-Life game with improved graphics would be one of the biggest things in the gaming world. So let’s just cross our fingers and hope for a new Half-Life game. Stay tuned, enjoy.

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