Head of PlayStation Japan Asia Atsushi Morita Retires at 60

2 Oct 2019 Wednesday
Head of PlayStation Japan Asia Atsushi Morita Retires at 60
Berr Turan
Berr Turan Editor

Sony seems to be making changes for PlayStation before the new quarter begins.

As we get closer to the start of the new quarter, PlayStation is making its changes public. Yesterday PlayStation announced the departure of Shawn Layden, Sony Worldwide Studios Chairman. Layden was known by many people as he was part of the PlayStation family for 32 years. And Atsushi Morita is no different. He may not be as familiar as Layden but he has been the corporate director of Sony Interactive Entertainment and president of SIE Japan Asia for a long time.

The announcement came from Sony Interactive Entertainment, stating that Morita will retire from both positions when he is 60. Unlike Shawn Layden, Atsushi Morita's retirement seems down to age. New financial year is kicking off so it is no surprise that Sony is making departures. Chief financial officer for Sony Interactive Entertainment is set to replace Atsushi Morita as a corporate director. But there haven't been a confirmed announcement about the new president of SIE Japan Asia. We as Play4UK wish Morita-san a happy retirement.