Hell Let Loose Full Release is Out Today

Hell Let Loose full release date is officially today. And that’s why the developers have removed the Beta mark from the game on Steam.

Hell Let Loose Full Release is finally here

Hell Let Loose. Featuring relentless 50 vs. 50 gameplay and set across 11 maps that authentically depict some of the most important and notorious battles on both the Western and Eastern Fronts of the war, including Utah and Omaha beaches, Carentan, and Stalingrad, Hell Let Loose brings the horrors of the front line warfare to its fullest.

Initially launched on Steam Early Access in June 2019, today’s launch includes the introduction of Update 10, which debuts the Eastern Front. This free update adds two additional maps – Kursk and Stalingrad – more than 20 new weapons and gadgets, four new vehicles, and Soviet forces into the game. So that’s it. In case you are in need of some WW2 shooter, you can consider this one. As Hell Let Loose Full Release is finally here, there shouldn’t be bugs as before.Hell Let Loose Full Release is Out Today

Here are the key features of Hell Let Loose Full Release:

The brutality of the War in Europe: Hell Let Loose portrays the battles of the Western and Eastern Fronts across two distinct modes, Offensive and Warfare.
Authentic strategic gameplay: Each side of 50 players is broken down into armour, infantry, and recon, led by officers with a direct line to an overall player-commander directing the flow of the game.
Unique metagame: Extended battles entrench participants in the tidal-like motion of the frontline that builds up Hell Let Loose’s real-time strategy inspired metagame.
Playing a Part: Fourteen roles are available for players to experience, from engineers and snipers, commanders and tank crewmen, medics and support; all play a part in the war effort. You can check out the Steam Page by clicking here and check out the game.

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