Horizon Forbidden West Announced

11 Jun 2020 Thursday
Horizon Forbidden West Announced
Bekir Bekoglu
Bekir Bekoglu Editor

Horizon Forbidden West announced today. Finally, the facts are fascinated. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 showed itself. When will it be ready to be played?

Guerrilla Games developers recently retweeted Sony's statement about PS5. And it implied that the event would likely be the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. As expected, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is with gamers. According to the announced, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 ... will meet us, players.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been the first game of Sony's first party studio launched on PC. While this is a pretty surprising move, it can mean a lot for Sony in the long run. Everyone thought this game was the most popular game of the generation. Also the next generation sequel could be a system vendor. While the movement is probably one-off, the transition to development for technically more demanding hardware can easily be included in PS5 development.

Horizon Forbidden West Announced

Guerilla Games has also promised ultra-wide support for this port. And given the graphic fidelity of game, many players were looking forward to it. It was worth the expectations, the visuals are truly dazzling. According to RespawnFirst, senior task designer Blake Rebouche of the game tweeted Sony's PS5 showcase event and added "Join Us" in encrypted form. Guerrilla Games Chief Animator Richard Oud said that by tweeting the same tweet and the console would be the future of the game and fans should mark their calendar for the upcoming event. Later, both sides deleted the tweets.

The second game of the series showed itself.