How can you upload your game to steam?

In this video, I tried to describe you “How can you upload your game to steam” as simply as possible. As we all know making game is already quite complex. Having a new SDK (Steam SDK) and huge documentation they provide with it isn’t that much helping. While the documentation is very important and useful, its a mess and it is very hard to find what exactly you are looking for and how to do what you want.

How can you upload your game to steam?

The day I was trying to upload my game to the Steam was already a nightmare at the beginning. I spent ages to dig through for the information I needed. There are simply too many things to read and it was hard to navigate through in all that rather say library.

The video I shared below describe you step by step how can you upload your game to Steam. For obvious reasons, you need to have a Steam account and pay the required fees to Steam. Also, you are required to upload a lot of information regarding to your game and trailer videos from your game to your Steam account page. If you are having problems doing these there are plenty of tutorials covering these information.

In this video, I assumed you already have those set up and the only thing left is to upload your actual game. If you follow the tutorial correctly, at the end you will have a system that you only double click to a .bat file and it will automatically upload your game to Steam.

Please also note that this video covers how can you upload Linux and Mac builds of your game to Steam. I hope you find it useful.

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