What is Post Apocalyptic Genre in Video Games

“Post apocalyptic” is a term that describes a setting in which a world has already experienced an apocalyptic event or catastrophe, but has managed to recover to some degree and is now moving forward beyond the initial devastation. It’s a subgenre of the broader post apocalyptic genre.

Post Apocalyptic genre in Video Games

In video games, a post apocalyptic setting often portrays a world where society has begun to rebuild, reestablish some form of order, and adapt to the new circumstances. This can mean the resurgence of technologies, the establishment of new communities, the development of new cultures, and even the exploration of how nature has reclaimed the environment after the initial apocalypse.

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Key characteristics of post apocalyptic settings in video games might include:

  1. Reconstruction: The game world showcases efforts to rebuild infrastructure, cities, and societies. Players may witness the development of new technologies or the restoration of old ones.
  2. Stability and Order: While challenges and conflicts may still exist, there is a greater sense of stability and organization compared to the immediate aftermath of the apocalyptic event.
  3. New Societies: Different factions, groups, or societies emerge with unique values, ideologies, and governing systems. These groups might cooperate or compete for resources and power.
  4. Exploration: Players might venture into uncharted territories, abandoned cities, or the wilderness to discover remnants of the past, both in terms of technology and lore.
  5. Themes of Adaptation: The game may explore how characters and societies have adapted to the new world, both in terms of technology and cultural norms.
  6. Hope and Progress: A more optimistic tone is often present, emphasizing humanity’s ability to overcome challenges and build a better future.
  7. Environmental Changes: The environment might have started to heal or change due to the absence of human influence, leading to new ecosystems and challenges.

An example of a post apocalyptic game could be “Fallout: New Vegas” While set in a world that’s been devastated by nuclear war, the game portrays factions vying for control over the region and people striving to rebuild society, which creates a post apocalyptic atmosphere.

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