How is the Journey PS4? How to download?

Yesterday Sony announced that their Play At Home service. According to the statement of Jim Ryan, the company will give the Journey PS4 game for free. Also, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection is in this service too. So, we decided to remember that “How is Journey PS4 game?” to you.

How is the Journey PS4 game? How can you download it free?

As Mr. Ryan’s words, with Sony’s new Play at Home initiative, owners of the console can get digitally Journey PS4. This means you can download the game from PSN Store.

Journey PS4 Review

Have you ever played games with your heart?

I haven’t played Journey before. Although I have PlayStation 3, I have never had the opportunity to play. That’s why when the music that trembled the human heart came to my ear, I understood the people who talked about the game and those who praised it. The journey was different. The journey was like the works that Beethoven carefully selected each note. There was no free space in a single pixel. Euphoria gushed from every moment.

Above all, Journey was a real adventure…

The game did not tell me anything. I was running around on my own in the middle of the desert. There was a mystery waiting to unravel, but I had to reach the key on my own. This was my adventure and remained so until the end.

Journey PS4

Due to the online structure of the game, other adventurers are guests during the game. At that point, you come into play and enjoy an insatiable adventure accompanied by notes. There is someone you never know, but you get used to it and adapt it in such a short time that after a while you start taking two steps and looking back. You do not want to lose your travelling companion and wander in the desert alone.

At that moment, you realize that this is not your real adventure. This is our adventure.

I understood this at the foot of the mountain covered with snow. When we found our first fire, it was unforgettable that we were delighted like crazy. Especially there was a moment, I remember that I was so touched in a game after a long time.

Journey PS4

As I climbed the mountain, he was constantly throwing my enemy comrade back, trying to block us. I managed to hide my tracks among the snow without hitting and finally reached the end of the road. The game asked me to continue but I couldn’t. But where was he? I sat and waited. I did not care much to move on, to go to the next stage. Minutes later, I saw his silhouette among the snow. I was so glad that I can’t tell.

I had hundreds of small moments like this and that during the game. Each was unforgettable, each one full of emotion. Journey is a game about sharing. A game about sharing and traveling together. It strongly shows us that friendship is a wonderful feeling that warms our hearts.

Journey PS4

After so many good words, I have to deal with the only bad aspect of the game. That’s no big secret: Journey is a too short game. It’s not like that, it’s fleeting. Maybe it was supposed to be so, maybe it wouldn’t be able to give us all this emotion if it was long, but in short…

In summary, if you have never played before and are wondering about this adventure, you can get Journey PS4 from PSN store free. The game comes with minor enhancements for PlayStation 4. So you can see firsthand how games can turn into art.

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