How much is the first edition Harry Potter book worth?

The £5 first edition Harry Potter book sells for astronomical numbers. Guess before you read. How much can it?

The first edition Harry Potter book, which sold for only 5 Pounds when it went on sale in 1997, is a fortune these days. The first print book on sale on Ebay is waiting for a buyer for 35,000 pounds.

If you own the first edition Harry Potter book, you are rich

One of the stories that marked the last 20 years of our lives, the Harry Potter series by J. K Rowling, has already become a classic. It increases the value of the book, incredible. Only 500 copies of the first edition Harry Potter book were printed. 300 of them were sold to libraries, while 200 were sent to journalists for review.

First edition Harry Potter book on eBay

One of these books is on eBay for £35,000. If the price seems too high to you, it would be useful to add another example immediately. Jim Spencer, unaware of the value of the book given to him by his mother, took the first series of Harry Potter books to the auction house and asked them a value. Shocked by the price he heard, Spencer states that this figure is quite high for a book.

Moreover, he also has a book in the first series signed by J. K Rowling. The signature increased the price £4000-6000 additional.

The price is really huge. While preparing the article, we saw that the Harry Potter book, which was sold at auction in the past years, has found a buyer for 90,000 pounds. However, the fact that the value of a book bought on time has increased so much reveals the value given to it.

Search your library. Who knows, maybe you can find an extremely valuable book.

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