Venom Movie and coronavirus: Another relation?

Sharing continues on social media about the coronavirus outbreak occurring in Wuhan. In this mess, some content that sometimes spreads fear is brought to the agenda. Some of these posts contain claims that smell conspiracy theories, as some movies or TV series already know about the disaster. A scene from the Venom Movie also received intense sharing on social media and some news sites. Allegedly, in the 16th minute of the Venom Movie shot in the USA in 2018, the first carrier of the virus, “Chinese woman“, begins to kill people around after eating a snake in the market. In addition, the text of “CORINNE” draws attention in the shirt of the woman who is the first carrier of the virus.

Venom Movie and coronavirus

Venom Movie and coronavirus: Another relation?

However, the claim is not true. In the Venom Movie, a Chinese woman does not attack people after eating a snake. According to the scenario, when the woman comes to the market, she is already under the influence of a foreign life form coming from outer space and therefore attacks people. Venom, which gave the film its name, is not a virus. The name Corinne in the movie has nothing to do with the coronavirus

Allegedly, the first carrier of the virus, “Chinese woman”, eats snakes in the market and starts to get aggressive. In fact, even in the video in the sharing, it can be understood that the woman is walking under the influence of a life form (symbiote) coming from space while coming to the market. Then, as allegedly, he is not eating a snake, but eating an eel and attacking a person who reacts to him under the influence of the virus.

So what’s the subject of the movie Venom?

Venom is a character who has been in the universe of Marvel comics since the 1980s. The story is based on the fact that a life form (symbiote) from space needs another creature to survive and somehow meets with journalist Eddie Brock. The film was also shot in 2018 to tell this story.

The Venum Movie begins with the unit carrying out a mission in space, having an accident while returning to the world. The space shuttle lands in East Malaysia, and then rescue work begins. There are three of the four symbiots on the ship, and one appears to be missing. Then, it seems that the symbiote is housed in the body of an astronaut to live. While the astronaut is being taken to the hospital, he passes to the body of a paramedic, and then the astronaut dies in the accident. Then we proceed to the scene where the paramedic appears. The officer comes to the market and eats an eel. According to an employee at the market, he kills him first and then a few others. Then the symbiote passes into the body of another character and the movie bounces six months later. 

In addition, there is no scientific evidence that the source of the coronavirus detected in Wuhan, China is eel. Current scientific data suggest that it may have been transmitted to humans from snakes, reptiles, and bats, which are not reptiles, but a fish.

How about the name Corinne?

The name Corinne in the Venom movie comes from the French name Corinna. The origin of the name Corinna is from the fifth century and the Greek Korinna. It means “virgin”. The name of the coronavirus comes from its appearance under the microscope as a crown (Latin “corona”, English “crown”). 

As a result, the claim is false. The scene where the character named Corinne eats eel has no relation to the epidemic. The claim can be cited as an example of the fake category.

It seems that for a long time these and such claims will take place on social media. 

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