Huawei Watch GT Review

Smartwatches have recently become one of our most important accessories. But charging is the biggest problem of these watches that we use frequently in our daily lives. We have to charge the smartwatches which are currently on the market almost every day. Huawei‘s new model, Watch GT, intends to fix this problem.

Huawei Watch GT Review

Let’s take a look at the contents of the box before proceeding to the general features of the watch. In the box which is a little hard to open, the first thing we see is the watch, of course. We see the user manual and the guarantee document that usually remain untouched. And then there is a charging cable and a charger dock. Thanks to its magnetic structure, the charger dock with type C input sticks to your watch and starts charging it. Because it uses type C as cable, you can use the cable for your Huawei phone and the smartwatch.

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Huawei Watch GT has 2 different models on the market. One of them is the classic one and the other is a more sporty model. I think that both models can be used with both sportswear and classic outfit.

First of all, I have to say that the Huawei Watch GT is a very stylish watch. In fact, it is the best in terms of design and ergonomics among the other smartwatches I used. It can be used at night times without discomfort. It is a big plus that the watchstrap doesn’t make you sweat. Of course, there are different reasons why we use it at night, I’ll talk about these reasons soon.

On the dial part, we see two physical keys. One of these keys allows you to go to the main menu of the watch. From here you can access exercise, activity, sleep, heart rhythm records as well as the compass, weather or alarm. The 2nd physical button on the watch opens training modes. The applications that the watch emphasize the most are found here. Here you can open training modes such as climbing, running, cycling and swimming. The watch is water-resistant.

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You can also use the watch’s interface as a touchscreen. When you swipe the clock display which has an interface called Light OS to the right or left, you access the activity records, heart rate, and weather. When you scroll down, the connection status, charge percentage, and some shortcuts open. The screen-on feature is limited to only 5 minutes. So you don’t have a chance to keep it open all the time. When you scroll up, the notification screen appears. This notification screen is not very functional and you cannot reach all messages as you wish.

Screen features are one of the most ambitious features of Watch GT. The Watch GT, which uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, is quite ambitious about it. I need to say that the watch display looks beautiful with 454 to 454 resolution and brightness. Huawei could not meet my expectations for the interface. With the update it recently got, the watch has a total of 13 different interfaces.

Unfortunately, Huawei Watch GT does not support 3rd party support. In other words, you cannot use any application that Huawei does not allow, especially social media applications. I hope that they will solve this problem with the update as soon as possible.

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There are no microphone and speaker features on the watch. Naturally, you only have the option of declining incoming calls. So if you want to set aside your phone at home and make calls, text messages or handle notifications over the smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT may disappoint you a bit.

The sensors on the watch are always on. This allows the watch to continuously monitor your heart rate or keep a detailed sleeping data. The comfortable watch also allows you to wear it at night as you sleep. As you can access all these statistics over the watch, you can look at the detailed data in Health application. The watch does not only track how long you sleep, it also allows you to track your deep and REM sleep periods.

As I said at the beginning, the most ambitious part of the watch is definitely the battery life. Although I have all the features turned on and it was connected to my phone the whole time, it had a %40 charge at the end of 9 days. The charge of the watch can last up to 1 month if you use the applications more carefully.

As a result, Huawei Watch GT is a watch with significant shortcomings. Especially the lack of notification support and 3rd party support really draws down the general quality of the watch. Nevertheless, I can say that the design, ergonomics, sensors and battery life save the watch from being a mediocre smartwatch. In short, you will be very pleased with Huawei Watch GT if you care about details such as training, health applications and battery time in your smartwatch.

Pros and Cons of Huawei Watch GT


+ AMOLED display and stylish design
+ Ergonomic structure
+ Training modes
+ Sleep and pulse tracking


– No third party software
– No speaker and microphone support
– Notification screen is a bit problematic

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