Hyperforma, the Hacking Game

Hyperforma is an extremely fun puzzle game about hacking. The game that was released last month on September 5 revolves around a reach the core style of gameplay. The story is all about getting to the bottom of a mystery, gaining information by hacking into various systems.

Hyperforma, the Hacking Game

Hyperforma’s gameplay starts out basic but gets really complex and all the more fun as it goes on. The game is in stage format, needing to complete one puzzle before proceeding to the next. The puzzles consist of a man being launched into the database and bouncing infinitely around the corners of the map while trying to hack the system. At the core of each stage, the goal is located. If the man can reach the goal, the stage is completed, rather hacked in this case. However, this is not so simple. The core is surrounded by various objects that the man has to break through before reaching the goal, the properties of objects varying as the game processes. While it is impossible to control the man after he is launched, the player instead has complete control over the core, able to rotate the objects surrounding it in whichever angle they want either by tilting the Switch or pressing buttons. The goal doing this is to guide the man inside the core by reacting to his movement. Either slowly break through the objects or just go straight for the core once the man’s at the perfect spot and you’ll complete the stage. It really is incredibly fun.

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As the game progresses, the stages get harder but you also unlock new abilities. You can make the character faster, stronger, allow him to break through harder objects, damage them in a wider ratio and so much more. You are even able to combine the abilities. The gameplay as a whole is incredibly fun and very hard to get bored of.

In conclusion, Hyperforma is incredible. It contains challenging puzzles, very nice visuals, soundtrack and most of all, unique and engaging gameplay. Instead of controlling the character, it is the stage itself that you control. This prevents stages from being repetitive and every new one is a joy to hack into.

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