Is PlayStation VR worth buying in 2020?

While a lot of people still criminally underrate PlayStation VR, it is one of the reasons that VR is so big now. When it comes to the simulated experiences used in the gaming industry, PSVR leads the pack with Oculus VR as the most popular and affordable options that came out during this decade.

Considering that Xbox is still not planning on bringing  VR to its next-gen consoles, PlayStation VR leads the console market as the only contender

In nearly 4 years of its lifetime, PlayStation has exclusively developed dozens of VR titles since launching PlayStation VR back in 2016. Of course, not all of the titles that came out caught attention nor was groundbreaking but they all helped Virtual Reality to become a trustable market option for PlayStation. And if you ask me, PlayStation VR has done so much more in the entertainment area of Virtual Reality than Oculus VR.

is playstation vr worth buying in 2020 2

Let me open up this argument with some numbers so we can all be on the same page. As of March 3, 2019, PlayStation VR has sold over 4.5 million units. And as of August 2018, it has also sold more than 22 million games worldwide. Considering that Xbox is still not planning on bringing  VR to its next-gen consoles, PlayStation VR leads the console market as the only contender. And it doesn’t seem like it will stop any time soon because there are still dozens of VR titles being developed behind closed doors as PlayStation wants VR to be a launch feature for PlayStation 5.

We are now a full year away from the launch of PlayStation 5 and it is still not clear if PlayStation will release a new headset. And if you are having any doubts about jumping into the VR world, I have some options for you as PlayStation VR has a new bundle pack that we can compare with other VR devices on the market.

Is PlayStation VR worth buying in 2020?

PSVR Mega Pack, the latest bundle for PSVR, has 5 VR games (Skyrim VR, Astro Bot VR, Resident Evil 7 VR, PlayStation VR Worlds, Everybody’s Golf VR) and features the PSVR headset. There are no VR controllers included in the pack though, so keep that in mind. Plus, you need a PlayStation 4. (Duh!) Which is not a huge deal considering that you need a PC for other headsets.

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PSVR Mega Pack is being sold at the price point of $545 and yes I know, it’s a lot of money to spend on a headset. And to be honest, it’s a little outdated too if you compare it to Valve Index and Oculus Quest. But the other two options I mentioned value over and around $1000. Oculus has a cheaper option named Rift S that costs around $400 which is the go-to option for PC users, but as we all know, VR gaming on PC costs so much more than VR on consoles. So, if you are not a PC gamer and use solely PlayStation 4 for your gaming purposes, I recommend you to go with PSVR. And if you want to switch to PC, I recommend you to do your research really well because PC parts these days cost a ridiculous amount of money and you can not experience Virtual Reality on a low-end PC.

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