Konami Code Utilized in Fortnite Black Hole

14 Oct 2019 Monday
Konami Code Utilized in Fortnite Black Hole
Alaz Türker
Alaz Türker Editor

Surprising move from Epic Games.

Fortnite is the first game that comes to mind when someone mentions Battle Royale. The game's 11th season surprised players royally last night. The developers ended the 10th season by having the Fortnite world sucked into a black hole. Players are curious as to where this mysterious event will lead. The game's servers are currently closed and all players see when they try to play it is a black hole screen. However, it seems Epic has implemented a minigame into this screen. The minigame is only accessible by using the Konami code: Up, up, down, down, B/O, A/X, START/ENTER. After using the combination, you get to fight against fast food monsters.

Konami Code Utilized in Fortnite Black Hole

This code was initially used in the game Gradius back in 1986 and is considered the ancestor of cheat codes. Over time, it came to be known as the Konami code and is still used in many games. The code reaching Fortnite is very surprising. What do you think of Epic Games' recent take on Fortnite?