Limbo’s developers are bored of making 2D games

Developing 2D impressive games like Limbo and Inside, Playdead no longer wants to make 2-D games. Playdead’s art director, game developer Arnt Jensen, said the studio’s new game will be in 3D.

Limbo’s developers are bored of making 2D games

Arnt Jensen, both art director and founder of Playdead, made statements about Playdead’s future plans. Jansen, who said that the Playdead will start making 3D games now, used the following expressions during the interview; “It will be a little bigger game than the other two. It becomes more open and then it becomes a third-person game with a much larger area that you can move around. I’ve been tired of the limitations in 2D games. We have been through all over the past many years.”

Jensen added that the game will draw on the same feelings as Limbo and Inside. It looks like we are waiting for a game with emotions at the forefront. No more details were shared about the new game of Playdead.

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