Microsoft announced Xbox Project Scarlett will be released in 2020

Microsoft has made a conference in E3 2019 and announced their next generation Xbox. The next generation Xbox will be called Project Scarlett which will be released in 2020 holiday. 

Xbox Project Scarlett will be released in 2020 holiday

Microsoft made a statement about Xbox Project Scarlett; “Xbox Project Scarlett will set a new bar for console power, speed and performance, arriving Holiday 2020 alongside Halo Infinite. Powered by a custom-designed processor, leveraging the latest Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture from our partners at AMD, Project Scarlett will deliver a new level of immersion. Paired with high bandwidth GDDR6 memory, and a next generation solid state drive (SSD), Project Scarlett will provide developers the power they require to bring their creative visions to life. Featuring hardware accelerated raytracing, variable refresh rate, 8K capability and ultra-low latency input, Project Scarlett will deliver a new level of fidelity, precision and accuracy never before seen in console gaming.”

Phil Spencer also stated that thousands of Xbox games in development and players can play these games in Xbox Game Pass across console and PC wherever they want.

What do you think about Xbox Project Scarlett? Will Microsoft do a comeback in next generation? 

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