Microsoft may introduce two new Xbox for the new generation

Micael Patcher, a game industry researcher who is known for his successful fixings worldwide, thinks that Microsoft has a different plan the new generation. Michael Patcher thinks Microsoft will release the next generation with two different Xbox versions.

Two different Xbox from Microsoft

We can say that the footsteps of the new generation are slowly being heard. On the PlayStation side and on the Xbox side, the work for the next generation of console continues at full speed. Although it has not yet stated from an official announcement, 2019 will be an important year for the PlayStation 5 and the next generation Xbox One. Expected console announcements may arrive in 2019.

According to Michael Patcher, Microsoft will release two new generation consoles, one classic traditional console, and one cloud-based stream machine. In fact, this claim has been speculated for some time. But Patcher looks so sure about this. According to Patcher, one of these consoles will be around $100 and will not offer 4K resolution. But the other console will run 4K and will offer about 240 frames per second.

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