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Bannerlord modding has official support

Taleworlds introduced the official Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord modding tools. Although there are many mods on the internet at the moment, Bannerlord’s mod support will provide an incredible convenience to mod developers.

In this way, we will be able to see game-changing modes, just like the Mount and Blade: Warband game. As a result, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord now has official mod support. New scenarios, new items and even new gameplay modes with new mod support will be waiting for us. Sounds great, huh?

DEV team adds official modding tools to the game with the new developer update. One of the new tools that will provide a great convenience for mod developers is “Scene Editor”. This may allow series to be made in many youtube and other channels. You can download the tool from Modding Tool Beta page on Steam.

Bannerlord modding has now official mod support

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Modding

You can make a lot of improvements with the scene editor. This feature enables department designers to make changes in elevation scale such as hills and plains in the terrain, while also using tools that allow them to paint the terrain. In addition to these, there are also tools for plants where you can place a single sample on the field or paint a certain area with those plants. Create your own world.

In addition to land changes, official Bannerlord modding tools give you access to 3D models available in the game. By placing these models anywhere on the map, you can design your own unique part. You can even create a new town with your own hands in vast lands.

Bannerlord Modding Tool

You can even design an inn with the bannerlord modding tool, it depends on you. If you want to add your own models, you can do this with a simple import process by making adjustments. The next material editor for the textures and materials of the model you added will allow you to comfortably dress the textures on your UV mapped model. We have to say that there are very exciting developments.

After designing your department, when you switch to Post Process effects, you will see the atmosphere editor. With the atmosphere editor, you will be able to use the presets already placed by Taleworlds. If you wish, you will try to achieve the original atmosphere you want by making your own adjustments. Bannerlord seems to continue to grow day by day with this official mod support.

Also, if you are interested in with Bannerlord modding, you can find documents on this documentation.

With the mods you will create, you and other game lovers can have more fun. You can find previously produced mods on the Bannerlord page of Nexus and get new and creative ideas.

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