Nebuchadnezzar : Pharaoh like City Builder Game is Out

If you are a little over the middle ages, you would probably remember Pharaoh and Caesar series. They were the most entertaining and also most annoying city buildin strategy games of their time. Personally, they were my favourites. And if you are a person like me, I have good news for you. A new Pharaoh like city builder game, Nebuchadnezzar is out.

Nebuchadnezzar : Pharaoh like City Builder Game is Out

The game launced today on Steam and also GOG. Nebuchadnezzar is set in Ancient Mesopotamian and our aim will be to rule over old cities and build our own versions of their great historic monuments. The game developed by Nepos Games. As I mentioned before, the game is nearly the same with Pharaoh and Caesar series. The only difference is, in Pharaoh we were ruling Ancient Egypt and in Caesar, our aim was to rule Rome. In Nebuchadnezzar, we will be having fun in Babylon.

Game Comes with a Monument Editor

The game includes a Monument Editor. This editor allows you to customise and build iconic monuments in your city. You can build your own temples, monuments and etc. The aim is the game is pretty similar to Pharaoh and Caesar series. We try to prevent population loss, solve problems in the city, deal with sicknesses, manifacture goods and trade with other cities for the good of your city. The game includes more than a dozen campaigns with historical missions. Every mission will set in a different time period in Ancient Mesopotamian history. And I want to say that the game will have full mod and customisation support. So, you can download new mods for your game, you can try player made maps and missions. I can feel that I will have long long times with this game. You can watch Nebuchadnezzar’s launch trailer below.

I also have great news for Pharaoh fans. Pharaoh will be getting a remake later this year. Sounds great, isn’t it? Stay tuned, enjoy.

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