Iron Harvest Gets a New Game Mode and Paid DLC

The developers of Iron Harvest, King Art Games, have been pretty busy lately. As there is a new game mode and Paid DLC coming.

Drop Zone is the new game mode of Iron Harvest

In their latest dev diary, on top of a bunch of improvements and updates, they have detailed a new game mode they just added into the game. And, Drop Zone is a game mode where opposing sides rush for stockpile drops across the map. So, in the new game mode of Iron Harvest, the stockpile drops give you victory points and the team that gets enough of the victory points will win the match. Also, you should also note that the drops can happen simultaneously. It also takes a while to collect them. This is somewhat of a point control mode. Drop zone is available on all skirmish and multiplayer maps and can be played in ranked, custom and quick matches.

Another big news for Iron Harvest is the paid DLC. This is also the first DLC for the game. It is called Rusviet Revolution and it will be available on December 17th. It’s a 4-mission campaign than can also be played in co-op. But not all players will pay for the DLC. The Rusviet Revolution DLC will be free for those who backed the Kickstarter campaign for Iron Harvest as well as those that got the Digital Deluxe edition. Iron Harvest Gets a New Game Mode and Paid DLCFor everyone else, the DLC will be available for £3.99. They have not announced a US Dollar equivalent but if converted, it would be around USD$5. The price pretty much affirms the fact this is a pretty small DLC with a small slice of new campaign mission. Iron Harvest is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The upcoming DLC will be available for all of the platforms that the game has been released.

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