New agent Reyna announced for Valorant

VALORANT, one of the games announced by Riot Games for the 10th year of the company, entered the closed beta process last month. VALORANT, which gradually opened its doors to the players via invitation via Twitch Drops, attracted great attention. Now, the company added new agent for the game named with: Reyna

New agent Reyna announced for VALORANT

The game, which reached the top with the number of views that suddenly increased on the Twitch platform, made a show of self-confidence by pulling the release date forward. However, as a result of this decision, VALORANT has closed its doors to all players until the official release date of June 2, 2020. Still, this one-week break seems to be worth what we expected.

New agent Reyna announced for Valorant

Riot Games, which offers various performance improvements and innovations in the closed beta process, taking into account the feedback of the players, gained the appreciation of the players. Nevertheless, Riot Games, which closes its servers to players until the official release date of the game, does not hesitate to make announcements about the game.

Reyna, the 11th agent to be added to the game, was the last of these announcements. As you know, all characters in VALORANT come from all over the world. Just as the Sage character came from Japan, Reyna was announced as a Mexican character.

This character, like all other characters, has its own unique set of skills and gameplay mechanics. In the post shared by the Riot Games team from the VALORANT official Twitter account, we have the opportunity to take a brief look at Reyna’s abilities. At this point, we have to say that this character has an attack skill set.

In the video content, we see some of the skills that this character uses. It offers a talent set based on various buffs, usually gained from life stealing and purple spheres from their enemies. So it seems we need to adopt an aggressive playstyle when using the agent named Reyna.

So what are these abilities?

As we have seen in the promotional video, Reyna can use the purple spheres remaining from them as she defeats her opponents in two different ways. If he collects these spheres with his ability E, he gives him immunity for three seconds. If she collects these spheres with her Q ability, she provides healing for three seconds.

Finally, in the video, we see that Reyna threw an eye behind the wall. This ability, which we can use with the C key, is a trap that blinds its opponents for a short time when activated. The only thing we don’t see in this shared video named Reyna is the ultimate power, Empress.

For VALORANT, in a post under a title opened on the Reddit platform, a prediction has been made about this ability. It is said that Reyna’s X ability shortens the cooldown of other abilities of this character’s skill set while increasing the projectile firing speed. It is also said to provide temporary invisibility when used in conjunction with the character’s E ability.

Reyna, a character who gets stronger as he overcomes his opponents, looks quite dangerous. If this character is not paid attention while on the opposing team, it can create big problems. In addition to a new map and game mode that will be added to VALORANT, which will be released on June 2, 2020, Reyna will also be added to the game.

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