New games at Guerrilla Collective

Yesterday, during the Guerrilla Collective show, publisher Raw Fury had a new game announcement and two new trailers to share. First of all, we got the announcement of Wolfstride, an anime-inspired turn-based RPG by São Paulo-based Ota Imon. The game will arrive on PC via Steam in 2021. We will take a look at Per Aspera, the science fiction planet of Tlön Industries, coming to PC on Steam this winter. However, both two games deserve to be played. Next year will be a good year for RPG games.

Wolfstri on Guerrilla Collective


The exiled old Yakuza is a rookie fighter pilot and a broken-down mechanical team to compete in the Ultimate Mech Tournament. You can use skills and weapons to defeat other mechanisms in turn-based tactical combat. In addition you can get to the top by managing repairs, upgrading weapons and learning new moves. You will get to know those who live in a world that lies between the last breath of a simpler time and the shining metal of an expanding metropolis. Moreover, build relationships, receive job offers and earn this money to fight another day. You can reach the trailer published in the Guerrilla Collective from above.


The game is based on a classic turn-based combat system. Just fight opponents in a classic turn-based combat system. You can use Movement Points to overcome competitors. If you want, you can spend action points to provide precise hits and crushing blows. To master the battlefield, you must improve your pilot skills. An interesting production you have to try.


Keep your machine in the best fighting form and improve your suspending abilities. Enter there and fix the traces of war between fights manually. Add and upgrade weapons and skills to suit your fighting style. The budget should earn carefully, by getting strange jobs in the city around the cost of upgrades. Remember, everything is under your control.


In conclusion, discover the city of Rain, one of the last ruins of the old world. For example, meet residents, learn about their relationship and make friends to get job offers. As an old Yakuza, you know everything about doing dirty things, like washing cats. Above all you are completely free in this regard.

Per Aspera

Per Aspera is a planetary simulation experience that combines harsh science fiction and basic buildings. You assume the role of AMI and Artificial Consciousness with the main instruction for reshaping Mars for human colonization. It will be a different experience for those who love science fiction. With the nearest aid 140 million miles away, what risks would you like to take to reach the mission? Of course, the choice is yours. Based on NASA’s geographic data, experience the challenges of building a new civilization on Mars’ empty canvas. Civilization is a click away.

Balancing a complex resource well that a new society needs to develop. You can build interconnected structures that span the entire planet. First of all, it is possible to experiment with various colonization strategies while turning humanity into a multi-planet species. After that, as you apply the studies and scientific theories proposed by real space agencies and engineers, you will experience the real conditions and challenges involved in a terraforming process. Help colonists survive the harsh and stubborn conditions of Mars. You should research to develop new technologies to assist the colonization process and terrorism of MARS.

In addition, use scientifically correct technology to create a thriving interplanetary operation. Of course, human life must adapt to survive – AMI must also live. You will experience that Artificial Consciousness is growing with new experiences. For sure you can strengthen or test your relationships based on your choices – choices that will affect the outcome of your mission. You will feel the impact of your choices through interactions with colonists who are looking for you to survive. As a result, it is up to you to uncover the mystery of a threatening being on Mars.

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