News on Legalization of Online Casinos and Gambling in 2021

Online casinos and gambling have been some of the many popular entertainment options for many citizens of the United Kingdom. The legalization of was facilitated by the Gambling Act 2005. The Gambling Commission’s decree resulted in the legalization of all kinds of online games, including online poker and lottery.

News on Legalization of Online Casinos and Gambling in 2021

On December 8, 2020, Nigel Huddleston, a United Kingdom’s Parliament member, launched the Gambling Act Review. He argued that individuals should do whatever they pleased with their money without the fear of experiencing the negative consequences of gambling.

Until now, gambling in 2021 in the UK has not been outlawed. Theoretically, companies and developers must be licensed to take part. There is no need to explain more because even before the rise of the online casino industry, the UK has supported gambling in a big way, with the leading agency being the Gambling Commission.

Statistic on Gambling in the UK

Gambling on the Internet is the fastest-growing segment of the casino industry on the planet. Similarly, this phenomenon is observable in the UK, where both the British online casinos and other different media forms of online gambling are all performing very well.

Online gambling has seen steady growth in the online industry, growing year on year. In terms of annual revenues, the European market is believed to contribute the most, accounting for over 60%. It is to be expected, as it has the most extensive legal framework of all.

Because of the statistics recorded in the UK, the Gambling Commission adopted new regulations for stronger players’ protection.

New Measures in Online Gambling

The amount of money Britons have spent gambling online has seen a sharp increase due to the rise of online gambling. Because of these findings, the Gambling Commission made some adjustments to the system and the user interface in online slots.

The Gambling Commission has proposed changes to the platform for online casinos. They made the design specifically safer for users to engage in play. They recognize the dangers associated with gambling addiction and intend for the changes to weaken these risks.

Online casinos’ rapid gameplay is one of the factors that contribute to gambling harm and addiction. The Gambling Commission made some changes to protect players without jeopardizing the online casino experience.

What are the changes?

  • Removed the auto-spin
  • Added 2.5 seconds between slots spin
  • Displays the entire tally of both monetary and playtime lost while playing
  • Clearly states if the player has won or lost
  • No more re-gambling of money players requested to withdraw from their accounts.

All of these new regulations must take effect by the end of October 2021.

RTS or Remote gambling and software technical standards specify the technical requirements and security measures that official remote gambling and gambling software operators must apply. It establishes the online casinos’ responsibility to adhere to these standards.

Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions in the UK

Online casinos licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner are highly regulated and offer a high level of service. As is the case with Gibraltar, they are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission have earned the user’s trust and are highly regarded. Another jurisdiction is the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, known for licensing many online casinos.

Legal Jurisdictions: Differences between the UK and the US

There is no central governing body in the United States. Instead, the country authorized each state to govern online gambling for its citizens. Unlike in the UK, only the Gambling Commission is in charge of licensing individuals and producers of online gambling games. Bear in mind anything from licensing procedures, guidelines for arbitration, and even billing details.

Another restriction is different in the UK. Gamblers don’t have to be residents of the country to gamble in the UK, as long as gambling is permitted in your country. Whereas in the US, if you are a non-resident, then you cannot be accepted to gamble.


The digital era has elevated a significant change in the gambling industry. Therefore, it is a good move that legalized countries provided respective laws for their citizens to gamble responsibly.

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