No way to PC version of Red Dead Redemption

There was an announcement last month for the Red Dead Redemption series, one of the most starved games of PC gamers. A modder group started working for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption. Take Two’s action was quick.

No way to PC version of Red Dead Redemption

Bored of waiting for Red Dead Redemption’s PC version, the modders began to port the game to the PC. The mode was developed using resources from the Xenia / RPCS3 emulator version. It was also stated in the emulator version that performance problems that could not be caught could be solved. About 15 days after the mod announcement, the Take Two intervention arrived.

Take Two officials, brand owner of Red Dead Redemption, reached the Damned Enhancement Project production team and stopped the work done on their brand. The mod team made a statement with “Project has been stopped. We will prepare an update video on the subject.” words. In short, we can say that we will see Red Dead Redemption’s PC version in our dreams.

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