One more big patch is incoming for Atlas

Even with the very stormy launch, Atlas is still looking promising and developers are trying to get the game on its feet with constant updates and patches. They are already released several new updates to fix server performance, FPS drops, balance issues and many bugs.

And today, on the official forums, they announced another patch for fixing further bugs and balancing.

Atlas Performance Update patch notes

You can find the all the upcoming patch notes below:

  •  Ship collision damage is now disabled on Freeport servers.
  •  Alpha creature spawns are now disabled on Freeport and Lawless Servers.
  •  Item yield and Gold yield from Treasure have been doubled
  •  Significantly reduced Torch and Fire Arrow Damage
  •  Fixed a bug which prevented resources from respawning. Please note when this update goes live, it may be a few hours until they naturally start appearing again.
  •  Diving Attachment now accepts all types of oil
  •  Increased the damage from Dragon Fire aoe and set it to an 8 hour tame time with the token
  •  Equilibrium Buff now gives +20% XP, -20% reduced incoming damage, +30 temperature fortitude, +10% movement speed, +20% melee damage, and takes 30 minutes to achieve rather than an hour.
  •  Fixed a bug which prevented Bottles and Floatsams from spawning
  •  Fixed a bug ocean and deep ocean spawners, including Mermaids, Whales, Ship of the Damned, and Squids.
  • – NPC crew that are recruited in freeport are now correctly assigned to your team.
  • – Fixed Shovels so they no longer damage stone structures
  • – All freeports now have pirate music in town
  • – Scuttling is now tied to the demolishing tribe governance setting
  • – Group ranks now enabled on seating structures, so you’re able to have better control of who is able to use those (Steering Wheel and Lt Podium)
  • – PvE Claim Flag contesting now displays the enemy Claim Flag’s upkeep time remaining before you can contest it, and provides a proper HUD message to that effect.

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