Overwatch – Echo and Competitive open queue now live

Overwatch‘s new hero Echo is now live. Load additional skill modules and play Echo, the new multirole evolutionary robot Damage Hero, on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch – Echo and Competitive open queue now live

Overwatch Echo – Abilities
  • Tri-Shot (Primary Fire) – Echo fires 3 shots at once, in a triangle pattern.
  • Sticky Bombs (Secondary Fire) – Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a delay.
  • Flight (Shift) – Echo surges forward quickly, then can fly freely.
  • Focusing Beam (E) – Echo channels a beam for a few seconds, dealing very high damage to targets with less than half health.
  • Duplicate (Ultimate) – Echo duplicates a targeted enemy hero and gains use of their abilities
  • Glide (Passive) – Echo can glide while falling.

Overwatch – Echo and Competitive open queue now live

COMPETITIVE OPEN QUEUE The new Competitive Mode, Competitive Open Queue, has also launched in the Arcade and will run for roughly four weeks. This mode uses standard Competitive Play rules, including Hero Pools and one-Hero limit, but has no role restrictions or role queues.

Check out her abilities and assets below, and visit her Hero page to learn more.

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