Overwatch is Free Until January 2

As part of the Christmas events, Overwatch is free-to-play until January 2. Players who do not have the opportunity to give Overwatch a chance will have about two weeks to try the game. It can be said that Overwatch has been one of the games most affected by the internal turmoil that Blizzard has been in for months. The Overwatch McCree renaming was the most recent example of this situation.

Overwatch will be Free-To-Play Until January 2

There are no restrictions in the game during the trial period of Overwatch. You can access all the characters and modes in the game, and you can access loot boxes by increasing your level. If you like the game and get the full version, everything you do on the trial account (provided it’s the same Blizzard account) will transfer to this full version.

Overwatch is Free Until January 2

Due to the Christmas period, a special event is active in Overwatch, as in many games. The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event will continue until January 6. During this period, weekly quests can be completed and outfits exclusive to Tracer, Symmetra, and Zarya can be chased.

While the troubled situation of Blizzard continues, there is not much news about the situation of Overwatch 2. However, it is known that the development phase of the game continues (even though it has been difficult due to those who left the team) and the game will be PVE-oriented.

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