PlayStation 5 design may have leaked

According to a new leak on Reddit, the design of the PlayStation 5 is similar to the developer kit.

The PS5 logo, which was added to the official PlayStation site based in Japan, was confused. On the left of the page is a logo depicting the design of the Playstation 5. The logo that appears was very similar to the design of the Playstation 5’s leaked developer kit.

PlayStation 5 design may have leaked

The design of the PlayStation 5 is very similar to the developer kit

There were serious differences between the developer kit Sony used in previous console generations. Developer kits had a more coarse and unobtrusive design, while consoles offered for sale were very stylish

According to the leaked design, PS5 will be available with a V-shaped detail in the middle, as in the developer kit. There is no precise information as to whether this detail will be in the form of a protrusion from the middle or more visibly, as in the developer kit.

Many people are concerned that the console’s case will be the same as the developer kit. Regardless, we don’t think the actual design of the console will be like that. The fact that this leak was brought up by a Reddit user is enough to question the accuracy of the information. Even if the leaked information is correct, this still doesn’t show us that it will still be the same as the console’s developer kit. Many things can be different, except for the V-shaped detail on the console.

PlayStation 5 design may have leaked

Sony is aware that, as far as possible, this device is a TV system. They don’t want a game console, which will take place in the hall of many people, to have a bad appearance on the TV unit.

Regardless, until the day the PlayStation 5 is officially announced, lots of false information will continue to turn around. Lots of people think that the console will introduce in February.

What do you think, do you like the PlayStation 5’s developer kit design? Do you think the design of a console is a subject to be discussed or a minor detail?

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