Playstation 5 Parts Leaked From The Production Band

Playstation 5 is one of the next-generation consoles, which we wait impatiently. Like many products, there some are leaks for the PS5. The price of the Playstation 5 had leaked recently. Finally, the visuals of the parts that make up the outer shell of the console were leaked from the production line of Playstation 5. Of course, although it does not mean much, it is still an indication that the console will reach sales on the promised date. We wish we could see the most Playstation 5 parts soon.

Playstation 5 Parts Leaked From The Production Band

In the images shared by Twitter user Wario64, only the outer shell of the Playstation 5 is visible. However, as it is understood and expected, it has a very rough appearance.

playstation 5 parts leaked from the production band 1 1

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