PlayStation VR 2 Patent Reveals New PS5 Headset

Sony, who did not make any virtual reality announcements at the PlayStation 5 announcement and release, is apparently working on the Playstation VR 2 in the background. New developments and news about Playstation VR 2 continue to come. Although virtual reality glasses have lost their weight, they still have a very important place in the gaming industry. We can say that the Half-Life Alyx game, which was released this year in particular, fully demonstrated the potential of virtual reality glasses. Being aware of this, Sony seems to not easily give up on virtual reality glasses.

Concept Drawings Revealed For Playstation VR 2

Although Sony did not announce a new virtual reality headset, it continued to develop games for the existing VR device. As a matter of fact, this year, we saw that besides the big games focused on Darth Vader and Iron Man, many small games released for PS4. Sony is developing a pair of glasses for the Playstation 5 in the background.

According to the patent documents and concept drawings, Sony is working on different virtual reality glasses. Trying to add features such as Haptic Feedback in the Dualsense controller to the glasses, Sony seems to be focusing on an easier to use design. With its smaller and eyeglass-like structure, it seems that mobility is given importance. Of course, let’s also point out that these drawings are only concept drawings. In other words, we may encounter a much different structure in the future Playstation VR 2 design. The resulting concept drawings are as follows;

PlayStation VR 2 Patent Reveals New PS5 Headset

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