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Pokemon Unite Beta Will Release in March 2021

After a long time, we finally hear something about the upcoming Pokemon game. Pokemon Unite beta version will be coming in March 2021.

Pokemon Unite Beta will be available in Canada

Tencent Games has announced to release a closed beta version of Pokémon Unite in March 2021. The company has also started taking registration for this upcoming closed beta test. However, this is not the first time that the game was in beta. A few months back, the developers launched a beta test version of the game in China. This time, the beta will be available in western countries. Also, it will be completely English.

We still don’t have any clues to the exact release date of Pokemon Unite beta. But Tencent states that the beta will be available sometime in March 2021. The company also states that the beta will only available in Canada. Which means, only Canadian players will be able to participate in the beta. Lastly, the beta will be only available for Android users. iOS users will have to wait a bit longer in order to try out the game.Pokemon Unite Beta Will Release in March 2021

If you want to participate in the beta of Pokemon Unite you can find more information below:

Any Canadian resident who is at least 16 years old can go to Google Playstore and Pre-Register for Pokémon Unite. In March, when the closed beta version of Pokémon Unite will be released, you will be notified via a Google Play notification. You should also keep in mind that only Canadian residents will get an option to Pre-Register for the Beta Version. The Pre-registration option will not be available to other players around the world.

Lastly, all of the files of the players who participate in the Pokemon Unite beta will have to say goodbye to their data. Because all of the data of the beta testers will get deleted after the beta ends.

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