Counter-Strike: Global Offensive container keys are no longer resellable

In a blog post shared yesterday, Counter-Striker: Global Offensive developer team Valve announced that they will no longer allow the reselling of container keys bought in-game. Which means container keys that are bought by users in-game are not tradable on the Steam Community Market. Although the change may worry some users as their inventory might be full of keys that they’ve planned to sell, the update will not affect the pre-existing keys.

If you’re wondering why? Valve pointed out the reason for the change as fraud. While the legitimate users have been making use of the system for good, a lot of fraud networks were detected in the market. According to Valve, worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS: GO keys to liquidate their gains. After the overall percentage of the market has been overtaken by fraud networks, Valve decided to take action. And as a result, starting today CS: GO container keys can’t be traded nor sold on the Steam Community Market.

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