Police Helicopter Simulator Review: Erm.. Helicopters?

Police Helicopter Simulator, developed by Aerosoft and published by VIS-Games, released on 8 November 2018. Let’s see if the game succeeded in reflecting all the work that a police helicopter pilot does to the player. Let’s continue with our Police Helicopter Simulator review.

Police Helicopter Simulator review

Simulation games appeal to a large mass of players. Nowadays, simulation games are being developed for almost all kinds of tools that people wonder about. However, we can see sometimes very bad examples of these games which became very popular with Euro Truck Simulator 2. Police Helicopter Simulator is a game that is between the good and the bad and cannot achieve the full potential.

Our game is based on what a police helicopter pilot does on a daily basis. In the game that starts at the police station, our goal is to go to the apron and ride the helicopter and fulfil the task given to us. Let me talk about this here, I wish the game had a training mode or something in place of the police station where we spend much time. By the way, the time spent there is all about opening the doors and NOT talking with other characters in the game.

When you go to the apron, you meet with the EC 135 helicopter will be used in the game. The helicopters designed very realistically and this is definitely the part that deserves the greatest praise in the game.

We got on our helicopter, now it’s time to go. We don’t have much work here, but since you don’t have the part of the training I mentioned before, you need to explore how to fly the helicopter by your own or look at the controls.

You somehow flew the helicopter. The controls aren’t too difficult, you already don’t understand whether you are flying a helicopter or something else. I understand that they tried to make the game easier to fly the helicopter, but that resulted in a very bad way that all the weight that a helicopter has is gone, you need to be careful how fast you are going, how much you are going up. Especially pay attention to the altitude you fly, rookie pilots are not allowed to rise very high, you’ll find yourself immediately back to the police station.

Police Helicopter Simulator Review

The first time I entered the Police Helicopter Simulator, I was really excited about what could be done. I was expecting to have a variety of tasks and be more active in the tasks, but that didn’t happen. What you need to do in missions is to find a target throughout the region. It could be a vehicle, it could be a building. After finding it, you are asked about the situation. When you give the correct answer, you have to wait until police, ambulance or fire brigade arrives. This is it.

Let me tell you a bit about the diversity of tasks here. I expected more variety of tasks, but overall I can say that I certainly did not find what I was looking for. And if we could intervene in the events directly, it could be more fun.

When we perform tasks in the game and complete our working period, we gain experience. This increases our career score. They give you a certain advantage, but they aren’t very much reflected in the game.

The graphics of Police Helicopter Simulator are not very good. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to expect good graphics from such a game. The world of the game is large, but it feels empty for some reason. Details such as trees, plains, roads are beautiful. And there was a real match at the stadium, it was a good detail. But it could be really nice if the world was more full.

I’ve tried to explain that everything in the game has an average level of success. However, there are serious shortcomings in the game. At the very beginning, there are no warning signs when you are using a helicopter. So there are no warnings like we’re going too fast or we’re too high. Second, we are unable to control the light we use to lighten a certain area, so we are trying to turn the helicopter. Because we can’t see the camera from the outside (which is a big con of the game too), we keep making silly movements in the sky.

Police Helicopter Simulator is not a bad game. It’s just a game that doesn’t use its full potential. If you do not have a graphic obsession and are not looking for something very realistic helicopter simulator, you can check out this game. But if you are expecting great things, even if you are someone who likes simulation, I suggest you stay away.

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