Prince of Persia Redemption: Canceled video appeared after 8 years

The video was uploaded to Youtube 8 years ago for Prince of Persia Redemption. It was noticed during the yesterday night and managed to make a big sound. With this video, perhaps the most interesting news of the last period came to the agenda.

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Prince of Persia Redemption: Canceled video appeared after 8 years

As you know nowadays, we often encounter the new Prince of Persia gossip. Especially after the purchase of the domain name, it is almost certain that Ubisoft is now looking for something concrete. While there were so many issues of Prince of Persia on the agenda, there was an interesting development. On a Youtube channel called PositiveLauncher, a Prince of Persia Redemption video appeared after 8 years. It was published in 2012 for the first time.

In the Prince of Persia Redemption video, which Ubisoft developed for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and later decided to cancel. It is also noticeable that almost all the dynamics of the game are ready. From time slow dynamics, platform elements, the battle part to the boss fight, we have the chance to see many details in the 3-minute and 17-second video. How this video was leaked at that time and how it did not appear for such a long time is a mystery.

Prince of Persia GamePlay Video

Jonathan Cooper, one of Ubisoft's former employees in animation, said the video was really on their social media accounts. And he confirmed that they were working on the game at that time and then canceled. Expressing that the mentor of the series, Jordan Mencher, still has a say in the rights of the game. Cooper also stated that the Prince of Persia series is among the most canceled games. In other words, we can think that the company has been working on other projects other than Prince of Persia Redemption. But the company canceled them from time to time because they did not reach the required level.

This situation actually revealed why the series was so late and became silent. What do you think, Prince of Persia Redemption seems to be a game worthy of the series?

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