PS4 and Xbox One sales down significantly

The next-generation consoles are around the corner. But this situation affected PS4 and Xbox One sales, more than ever. In recent days, we have received frequent news from the new generation consoles that are expected with excitement. Some of them are the statements of the authorities and some of them are leaks. With the approach of the release of the new generation consoles, rumors peak gaming world. We can say that the promotion period of these generation consoles is getting more complicated compared to the previous periods. This also showed its effect on PS4 and Xbox One sales.

As we approach the end of February, we still don’t know where and how Sony will introduce PlayStation 5. There are some uncertainties on the Microsoft side. Xbox Series X was introduced, but it’s not clear whether the next generation will be the only console Microsoft will offer to players. Since the Xbox Series X is a very powerful console, its price is thought to be above the expected levels. For this reason, Microsoft is expected to introduce another console.

PS4 and Xbox One sales down significantly

According to the report of the NPD Group; Sales of player equipment fell 35% from January last year. When the report is analyzed correctly, it can be understood that most of this decrease is in PS4 and Xbox One sales. Overall, there was a 26% drop in all player products. When there is a recession in console sales, by-products and game sales are of course affected. The 26% drop covers all accessories and hardware from consoles to consoles to headsets. While this is the case for Sony and Microsoft, the situation on the Nintendo side is different. Sales of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite keeps its stability.

PS4 and Xbox One sales down significantly

There are many reasons for the decreasing of the sales in PS4 and Xbox One

Analyst Daniel Ahmad evaluated PS4 and Xbox One sales. He pointed out that PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t decrease sales experience such a decrease in early 2013. There are many reasons for this, according to Ahmad.

One of the reasons is that PS4 and Xbox One prices are not discounted and have been sold at the same price for many years. Another reason is that the next generation console news begins to occupy the agenda much earlier than previous generations. Another reason Daniel Ahmad put forward is the postponement of many big games planned to be released in 2020. It is not that hard to understand that the intent of the big games are Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2.

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