PS4 Game Share Exploit Lets You Share Unlimited Games

A new PS4 Game Share Exploit lets you have unlimited games on your game library. But most probably, this will result in a ban in the future.

PS4 Game Share Exploit is really dangerous for your account safety

For your own safety, we will not share how the exploit works. Because this might result in a ban to your account. This is something that we don’t want at all. But we can give you some information about how the exploit works and why you shouldn’t do it in the future. Some say that this exploit works on both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

First of all, this PS4 Game Share Exploit is due to a bug in the PSN activation/deactivation procedure, allowing for unlimited game sharing for offline consoles. This includes even bypassing the six-month remote deactivation limitation that’s there to limit this. Eventually, this method is not something new. As some PlayStation users have been using this method for years. However, this is the first time we see this method in public.PS4 Game Share Exploit Lets You Share Unlimited Games

So now, let’s get back to the topic of why you shouldn’t try this PS4 Game Share exploit. First of all, it is illegal and this method can get you banned from PlayStation Network. It can even get worse. Nobody wants to see police at the front door of his house right? Also, think about losing all of your achievements and games you just purchased before. We know that Sony has strict policies about cheating and hacking. So when you do this exploit, Sony will most probably not leave you alone.

But why is this method public right now? The reason is simple. According to the original poster, the reason why they published this to major scene outlets is that they wanted Sony to patch the method. So, considering this method is now public, we will most probably see a fix soon.

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