Racing game Forza Horizon 4’s current player number is announced

A claim was made about the number of players in Forza Horizon 4 recently. The game was claimed to have 2 million players in the first week it was released, now the real number of players is announced by the developers. Forza Horizon has 7 million players so far, according to Forza Motorsport‘s official Twitter account. According to a racing game, we can say that this number is quite good. Because even AAA games that are on the market can barely reach this number. The Forza series, which is one of the strongest series of the Xbox brand, was able to reach really good sales figures, especially with Horizon games.

Racing game Forza Horizon 4’s current player number is announced

Unlike the Motorsport series, Horizon games blend the arcade and simulation elements in a beautiful way and succeeded to be the most popular racing game among players. Forza Horizon 4 is increasing the number of players day by day especially after it was released on the PC platform. In the game, we can make various races in England depending on the seasons. Let’s see how the team will improve the game in the following days.

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