Playstation 4’s sale numbers continue to rise

New information has come about the best-selling console of the eighth-generation, PlayStation 4. According to the new information released, the number of distribution of PlayStation 4 reached 86.1 million. Distributed 3.9 million units in the last quarter, the PlayStation 4 has been distributed 0.3 million units less than last year. However, Sony officials are very satisfied with the situation. With the release of the Detroit Become Human, God of War and Spider-Man, the console’s sales figure is very high. On the other hand, it is also a big plus Red Dead Redemption 2 being unique only to the consoles.

PS4 sale numbers continue to rise

Since September 30, the number of PS Plus members has risen to 34.3 million, compared to the previous year, this figure has increased by 6.2 million. On the other hand, Nintendo is also on the rise with Switch. The new Super Smash Bros. game is expected by all of the video game world. Together with the new Super Smash Bros., the Nintendo Switch’s sales will increase considerably.

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