PubG 6th season: Dave Curd explains

6.1 patch of PubG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) released, couple days ago. It’s maintained its appeal and lore amongst the player base, while seemingly improving with each patch. We had the opportunity to speak with world art director Dave Curd. PubG 6th season has made landings and brings a new map to Battlegrounds with the 6.1 patch. Let’s see together, what we got.

PubG 6th season: Dave Curd explains

Dave Curd explains the PubG 6th season

PLAY4UK: Will we see the exclusive features of the new map in current maps as well?
Dave Curd: As of now, we’ve added these features in the PubG 6th season map to see how the community responds. Our mission is to keep pushing maps, modes, and experiences to our players – so really, it’s up to them! 

PLAY4UK: Do you think that new dynamics, such as creating demolition & breach points will change the balance of the game? What could you say about this balancing?
DC: As designers for PUBG, we strive to give players more options. We want our players to feel smart, and make interesting choices – so we’ve been careful to balance Breach Points to be situationally useful. We never force a meta, as we feel one of our game’s biggest strengths is allowing the players to tell their own stories/play their own way. So think of Breach Points and Penetration walls as additional tools that are absolutely optional. To put it simply – these new features are just a spice to enhance the meal people already love. 

PLAY4UK: Could you please give more details about the new weapons and of course the new Black Zone? How can we use this Black Zone feature and is there any limitation in the game to use it?
DC: So the Sticky Bomb is Karakin’s newest weapon/tool. Its primary purpose is to be used on Breach Points and create new passages through our world. Internally we call this gameplay “lock and key”, where the Breach Points are locked doors, and the Sticky Bomb acts as the key. But the Sticky Bomb also has additional functionality – we’ve seen players use it as a sound distraction, and also a fun way to finish off downed enemies! 

As for the Black Zone – think of it as the natural opposite to the Red Zone. Where the Red Zone drives players to shelter, our intention for the Black Zone is to drive players outside/out of buildings. The Black Zone strike destroys buildings, leaving ruins (they still have loot!) that change the starting layout of the map. As the Black Zone is random, this means the player should encounter a different layout every match! Like the Red Zone, the Black Zone is a random hazard that players can not control. 

PLAY4UK: Are the damage mechanics only applicable to the buildings? Can players throw a bomb on the ground and create a small hole or a trench? Or do you have similar plans?
DC: We think alike, in early prototypes, we thought of this question – could/should the players modify the terrain? But with the layout and size of the map, we found this approach would not improve our moment-to-moment gunplay. I think the second we allow players to worry more about modifying the map, than surviving, we’ve lost our unique feel. 

PLAY4UK: Could you give more information about the new rewards coming with the rank system?
DC: Regarding the new rewards, this is a topic we’ll be able to share more about at a later time, not just yet.

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