Replication Goes Live Today on Valorant

The developer Riot games, yesterday announced a brand new mod for Valorant via Twitter It is called Replication and it goes live today.

Replication will be live as of today

The upcoming Replication mod is eventually similar to the Unrated mod. But there is a restriction which is huge: All of the players have to play with the same agent. It is just like the one-for-all mod that is available for League of Legends. The mod will go live today. Also, people expect to see the 2.09 patch today. However, there is no exact time when the mod will be available.

Replication mod aims to make Valorant a more casual game eventually. Because the mod is not a competitive one. Also, all players are completely equal. Everyone gets a refresh of everything except the Ultimate ability. Also, there is another brand new feature called Flashguard. Players that are flashed twice within a four-second window will get five-second protection against blindness thanks to Flashguard.Replication Goes Live Today on Valorant

Of course, the Replication mod is not a permanent thing right now. Because Riot Games are seemingly changing the game modes in two weeks. This will most probably another mod with a rotation. However, if the players like the mod, it may stay as a permanent one. So we can say that this one is the replacement of the Escalation mod that also came out for Valorant.

Valorant gets more popular day by day. Its smooth gameplay, highly competitive matches and brand new game modes make the players play the game more and more. Riot Games is also taking precautions about toxic behaviour. They are planning to record in-game voice chats to analyze toxic players and ban them. We all know that Riot Games doesn’t like toxicity and bans the players without any excuses. Now, it will be harder for the toxic players to play the game.

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